A Ticket On Spring Break Can Be More Than Just A Ticket

speeding-ticketArrested or given a ticket in Florida on Spring Break? The Law Office of Eric Reisinger is here to help.

You decided to come to Florida and enjoy our beautiful beaches, sun, restaurants and night life. What you did not expect was to be arrested or given a ticket for a minor charge, like possession of alcohol by a person younger than 21 years of age, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of an open container, or possession of false identification. The police will give you a ticket and tell you to pay a fine and everything is done and you will not have to come back to Florida, but what the police may not tell you is that some of these charges are criminal and will appear on your record. Since you may live out of state and are just visiting, you may think that this will be the best solution. It is not! Just because they are offering a quick fix does not make it the best solution. It is always best to hire an attorney when you have a pending criminal matter. The attorney will help you evaluate your case to determine what the right thing to do is. Another big factor in deciding whether to hire an attorney is if you have to come back to Florida. In most misdemeanor cases, the attorney can waiver your appearance in court and handle the case without you having to come back to Florida.

Remember, if you’re visiting here on spring break, have fun, but if you get into trouble, the Law Office of Eric Reisinger is here to help you or loved ones get out of trouble.